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Italian Style in Class "A"


"Our philosophy is simple: 

we want to produce amplifiers which arouse emotions in the listeners, 
every piece of music should arouse exactly the emotions the artist who composed it
and the performer who played wanted to convey.

The listeners should feel immersed in the music, absorbed 
in the execution of the piece enjoying the details of the voices and of the instruments 
in the most natural way, feeling emotions…"




 - Mastersound

 - Mastersound

Cesare Sanavio, in the 60s he moved with his family from Italy to Brazil for a consulting assignment in the field of radio and television equipment. Later in the 70's he moved to Paraguay working in the design and installation of audio systems (powered by tubes) for voicing of churches and shops. In those years the son Luciano began his first experiences learning the art of the construction of tube amps.

The Sanavio family returned to Italy in the 80's and Cesare for some years work as a consultant for many companies in the hi-fi industry.

At the beginning of the 90s, Cesare and his sons created the "Mastersound sas", after 50 years of experience about design and construction capabilities, especially its special output transformers. The first amplifier "2-11 A" of "Mastersound" brand, receives an anime consent from the public and operators and enables the company to begin a reference in the market.

When Cesare passed away Lorenzo and Luciano have conducted the company for many years with success. 

 - Mastersound


In view of expansion strategy, at the end of 2015 it's born the new "Mastersound s.r.l.". The goal of the new company is to continues with conviction the tradition of “hand made in italy” and to produce with the best quality available.

Luciano Sanavio (the Product Manager) thanks to his engineering studies, his natural ability and curiosity get more and more encouraging results with his production staff. The unreachable Mastersound’s output transformers, key component in a tube amplifier are appreciated by all engineers around the world.

Lorenzo Sanavio (the Administrative Manager) through his passion and ability has allowed with success the introduction of the family amplifiers around the world, permitting the relentless activities of research of his brother Luciano.

The corporate team of the new “Mastersound srl” is enriched by the new partner Antonio Ferro (the Sales Manager), already distributor and dealer of the best hi-fi brands from more than 10 years after an equal long experience in the fashion market.

Mastersound srl now have a new bigger headquarter in Via Galileo Galilei in Arcugnano village (city of Vicenza, close to Sonus Faber headquarters). A new internet site with professional photos. The Mastersound Srl is now a solid company made up of people deeply passionate who want satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts around the world.


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